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90.5 MHz
Naliendele - Mtwara
+255 712 087 580

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30 November 2022, 13:12

Kujihusisha na kilimo cha Bangi, kifungo cha miaka 30 jela

Na Gregory Millanzi. Afisa sheria Mkuu wa Mamlaka ya kudhibiti na kupambana na dawa za Kulevya nchini, Christina Rweshabura amesema kuwa ukibainika kujihusisha na kilimo cha bangi na Mirungi , sheria inatoa kifungo cha miaka 30 jela. Rweshabura amesema kuwa,…

24 November 2022, 15:00

TRA Mtwara yavuka malengo makusanyo Julai-September 2022

Na Gregory Millanzi. MAMLAKA ya Mapato Nchini (TRA ) Mkoa wa Mtwara imevuka lengo la kukusanya Shilingi Bilioni 8.902 kati ya Julai na Septemba 2022 ikiwa sawa na asilimia 110 .67 ya lengo la kukusanya Shilingi Bilioni 8.043 kwa Kipindi…

Vision and Mission

Who we are

JAMII FM is a Community Radio that was launched in September 2016 for the purpose of giving community members particularly from rural areas access to information and means of communication. The programmes are basically focused on issues that directly or indirectly reflect community livelihood including people with special needs.

Through Jamii FM Radio, educational and developmental information is disseminated and exchanged; important local issues are aired; a free market place of ideas and opinions is opened up and people are given the opportunity to express themselves. Broad participation by community members is always encouraged in Program production.


The VISION of Jamii FM is to see the community of Lindi and Mtwara Regions particularly from rural areas have access to information and increased capacity to play a meaningful role for their own development through media.


The MISSION is to enable local communities to use media as a tool for enhancing participatory communication in order to achieve sustainable rural development.LocationJAMII FM Radio Station is located at Naliendele area 9km from Mtwara Town along Mtwara-Newala road. The station is opposite to Naliendele Agriculture Research Institute.


Jamii Fm Radio owns its 60 metres transmission tower that enables to reach the huge population from both Mtwara and Lindi regions, from Mtwara Municipal up to Nanyamba, Tandahimba, Newala, Nachingwea, Lindi and some parts along the boarder with neighbouring country-Mozambique.